AKIN DİL EĞİTİM ve YAYINCILIK HİZMETLERİ & . Bu okuma alıştırması KPDS ve ÜDS sınavlarına hazırlık yapan adaylar için KPDS & ÜDS için özel Test Teknikleri kitabı. Sipariş için: Görüntülü Dershane KPDS Hazırlık Görüntülü DVD Eğitim Seti 19 DVD, ,00 TL. Murat Yayınları YDS İngilizce Sınavlarına Hazırlık Kitabı, 45,00 TL. English Grammar For ÜDS KPDS YDS TOEFL and Proficiency Exams This book aims at providing a Anasayfa; >; YDS Kitapları; >; YDS Hazırlık Kitapları. %

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This year the political situation is I told him to lie down and rest. It will be a pity if we have to leave the project half-completed. All of us would agree that we know a number of different things.

Tired as I was, I went on walking. Cane sugar ranks first in value among imported foodstuffs.

Peter has been to the States twice. It is nice to be sitting here with you. Dogs are still No. Johnson got to Beckett farm nearby where he was looked after by the farmer’s wife Lucy Bates. He believed, as did all his colleagues, in the supremacy of the institution he worked for. IV They aim to restore health by helping the body to heal itself. D The summit meeting of the two leaders ended hwzirlik the signing of an agreement that will be of great benefit to mankind.


D Overweight also causes the body tissues to retain more water.

Okuyucu Yorumları

It was yesterday that my mother threw an egg at the President. It is difficult to guess the meaning. They set up a liaison office in East Africa for marketing their goods but now they wish they had not done so. Why are you all goggling at me like that?

E I don’t think they ever will learn the real cause. D Be sure to give us a ring when you get there. Vocabulary exercises and vocabulary tests cover a wide range of academic words that are frequently encountered in academic texts.

The book gives extensive coverage to the complexities of English, providing brief but relevant explanations and carefully selected examples to clarify problems about the structure of the language. A cannot be found within the next half century B is to give up certain much loved liberties C is to submit everything to arbitration D is a voluntary lowering of economic standards E is by fairly facing the problem of all nations Activists are these in a political movement who insist on taking active steps towards their objectives, rather than merely putting forward an action programme.


Then, he found a wrench to open the boot lock. He is believed to have a big fortune.

We were extremely concerned C. She looks very pale. To be a kitabj MP, you must be a good speaker. A With the projects under preparation some of the country’s water resources will produce long-term benefits in the fields of energy production and irrigation.

Pelikan YDS Building Skills for Proficiency

Bacteria are minute, single-celled organisms of variable shape and activity. I am not very fond of The orders were that we had to evacuate the area within hours to prevent further loss of life. She won’t tell me the reason Vegetables kutabi freshly cooked are safe. They didn’t know what mistake they had made. A Two of the leaders at the summit meeting have agreed to sign a treaty that will improve their relations.

We came late, and so did he. You are looking tired dear.