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Secondary metabolites from bromeliaceae family.

This review describes aspects of the Bromeliaceae family dealing the traditional applications, biological activities and distribution of secondary metabolites in distinct subfamilies. Some species are used with medicinal purposed in the treatment of respiratory, diabetes or inflammation diseases, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Special emphasis on cycloartane triterpenoids and flavonoids, typical metabolites of this family, are presented.

Bromeliaceae is unique amongst the monocotyledons in the frequency and variety of flavonoids with hydroxylation or methoxylation at the 6-position. Other compound classes as steroids, hidroxycinnamic acids, phenylpropane diglycerides, lignans, are presented.


Química Orgánica Industrial

Bromeliaceae; cycloartane triterpenoides; flavonoids. Pitcairnioideae, Bromelioideae e Tillandsioideae. Os resultados sugerem que os extratos de A.

No interior de Minas Gerais, o decocto ou o infuso dos frutos de Ananas microstachys Lind. Alguns cicloartanos apresentam cadeia lateral pouco convencional para triterpenoides e esteroides.

Os compostos 1x2s2u2v2w e 2xisolados de Tillandsia usneoides 64,67 apresentaram cadeia lateral nor, 25,26,trinor, 24,25,26,tetranor reduzida Figura 1. Profile of an adaptive radiationed.

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Em Ethnobotany of Bromeliaceae in Bromeliaceae: Profile of an adaptative radiation ; Benzing, D. Cambridge,cap Rio de Janeiro,vol.

Boca Raton,p. Rio de Janeiro, USP29 Naturforsch C58 Yu Fajiao Gongye3299 CA Naturforsch C47 Du, L; Wang, W.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.